Advance search for WordPress blogging site

Project Description

This project has been build under Stackonet Services Private Limited.

Project Concept

  • Build autocomplete search with optional category selection.
  • Build advance search on search result page (supporting features)
    • Containing the phrase
    • Containing any of the words
    • Containing none of the words
    • Only in the category(s)
    • Support quoted text
  • Sorting order
    • Maximum words found (for multi-word search)
    • Match found on author name (post meta value)
    • Match found on title
    • Match found on category (If specific category is not set)
    • Match found on tags
    • Match found on excerpt(summery text)
    • Match found on content

My role on this project

  • Autocomplete search form.
  • Advanced search form on search result page.

Project Details



Stackonet (

Project Date:

February 1, 2020