Customizable books for children

Project Description

This project has been build under Stackonet Services Private Limited and it’s a ongoing project (maintaining, fixing bugs, feature improvement)

My role on this project

Color-Sheet (Frontend): Build UI to

  • Select color sheet
  • Enter child name
  • Generate live preview with given name
  • When clicking download button ask for name and email address
  • Send print ready color sheet with given name to their provided email address.

Customizable books (Frontend): Build UI to

  • Enter child name, gender and language
  • Select book (single or double figure)
  • Customize hairstyle, hair color, face color
  • Add custom message to print inside book
  • Preview book with customized hairstyle, hair color, etc.
  • Select cover type (Hard/Soft) and add to card
  • Show customized thumbnail on cart page

Customizable books (Backend): Build functionality to

  • Save customized data on checkout
  • Add “Generate PDF” button on order detail page to generate print ready PDF for customized data (complex logic)
    • Merge multiple images into one background image
    • Add text content based on user selected language
  • Add “Download Cover Page” and “Download Text Page” button to download print ready PDF

Project Details



Stackonet (

Project Date:

May 26, 2020