Muslim Zone Backend and REST API for iPhone app

Project Description

This project has been build under Stackonet Services Private Limited, and it’s an ongoing project (maintaining, fixing bugs, feature improvement).

Project Concept

Build backend for a mobile application. it’s an alternative app of ‘Muslim Pro’ or ‘Athan’

My role on this project

Frontend (REST API)

Build rest endpoints to provide data for mobile app built for iPhone

Admin UI (Functionality including but not limited to)

  • Muslim events based on Islamic(Hijri) calendar.
  • Daily islamic tips
  • Muslim Baby Names
  • Prayer Guide
  • Taqeebat
  • Tasbih
  • Duas
  • Place search (Mosques and Halals Restaurants)
  • Push Notification from server
  • Support ticket
  • Health tips (by muslim rules)
  • Live videos
  • Names of Allah
  • Importance of Ramadan
  • Special Announcement
  • Scholar Sayings
  • Quran Quotes
  • Hadith
  • Holy Places
  • Ask a Question (we be answered by islamic scholar)

Project Details



Stackonet (

Project Date:

January 21, 2020