Single page application for phone repair service request

Project Description

This project has been build under Stackonet Services Private Limited.

Project Concept

  • They provide repair service visiting custom location (home, office, etc).
  • Live tracking of service vans and technician
  • History of places visit by vans and technician

My role on this project


  • Built single page service request page featuring
    • Select Device, Device Model, Device color
    • Enter (Postal/Zip) code to check if we provide service for that area
    • Select issues
    • Select time slot (4 slots in a day, each slot has 3 hours time range)
    • Enter address (Autocomplete feature with Google Place API, so that technician can drive to the location via Google Map)

Background Tasks

  • Forward service request to customer’s nearby technician via SMS (SMS contains a link to re-schedule the time slot if technician is to busy to provide service on that time slot)
  • Send message to customer if time slot has been changed by technician (SMS also contains a link to change date and time)

Admin UI

  • Live tracking of vans and technicians
  • History of place visit (service van and technician) to check previous data.
  • Add functionality to add device, modal, colors, issues, service fees for each issue, service area and more.

Project Details



Stackonet (

Project Date:

March 3, 2019