Subscribe to challenge for healthy weight loss

Project Description

This project has been build under Stackonet Services Private Limited.

Project Concept

  • Build functionality to add weight loss challenge (4 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks, etc).
  • Each week subscriber will get new video and text instructions.
  • Each week subscriber will be able to add measurement data and selfie.
  • Show chart/report of subscriber progress.
  • Add background functionality to send email on each week with instructions and progress report.

My role on this project


  • Add subscription form with countdown timer.
  • Add avatar upload functionality with REST support.
  • Add stripe payment gateway integration for subscription form.
  • Add step progress bar design with content for showing each week for subscribed users.
  • Add subscriber evaluation chart data.

Admin UI and functionality

  • Add subscription list table with trash, restore and delete functionality.
  • Add background job for sending new subscription mail.
  • Add Challenge week backend for adding content and video for each week.
  • Add functionality to add measurement data for subscriber.

Project Details



Stackonet (

Project Date:

August 21, 2019