WooCommerce marketplace for card designer

Project Description

This project has been build under Stackonet Services Private Limited and it’s a ongoing project (maintaining, fixing bugs, feature improvement)

Project Concept

  • Add checkbox to show/hide rude cards from shop page.
  • Shop support two types of cards.
    • Static: Pre-designed cards. Customer can only add message to print inside card.
    • Dynamic: Pre-designed cards but customer can replace image, text, change text color and more.
  • Designers can design cards (both static and dynamic) and sell through our site and can ear commissions.
  • On Admin: Merge and Download cards PDFs for daily orders.
  • On Admin: Order dispatch functionality with QR code reader.
  • On Admin: Full control over designers, cards(designed by designers), Designer commission reports, Designer commission payout functionality

My role on this project

Frontend (Designer UI)

  • Rude Card (Toggle to show or hide from shop)
  • Single Product page
    • Inner message for card
    • Customize feature (including image, text and more)
  • Designer Dashboard
    • Dashboard showing cards status and revenue status
    • Cards list, Add new card (static & dynamic)
    • Commission report
    • Designer profile settings
  • Designer Profile page

Admin UI (Order Dispatcher)

  • Pull new orders from shipstation to admin.
  • (background task) Generate PDF for cards adding order number as QR code.
  • Group cards based on card size.
  • Download print ready group PDF cards
  • Download packing slip for each order
  • Dispatch order by scanning QR code

Admin UI (Designer Management)

  • List of designers (total cards, total sales, unpaid and paid commission)
  • List of cards group by card status (processing, accepted, rejected, etc)
  • View card detail with functionality
    • to (accept/reject) card
    • to (set/update) commission for per sell
    • to generate thumbnail image to display on shop
    • to set SKU for card
    • to generate product from card info
  • List of designers commission
  • Payouts
    • Reporting: Total Amount to Pay, Designers to Pay, Total Orders to Pay (also based on order status)
    • Generate payouts base on order status (mostly for complete orders)

Project Details



Stackonet (https://stackonet.com)

Project Date:

December 1, 2020